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Dig outs and repairs

Dig outs and repairs

Dig outs and repairs

For more serious drain blockages, we offer full dig out services. Dig out are sometimes the best option when you need to replace sewer or stormwater pipes that are broken or blocked, usually caused by tree roots, ground movement or ageing pipes.

First of all, we’ll analyse the site with state-of-the- art detection equipment to work out how badly your pipe is damaged. We’ll recommend a dig out if our sewer machine or high pressure water jet can’t penetrate the pipe to clear the blockage. We hand dig the area with minimal impact to your pathways, flooring and the ground area. If necessary we use a powered machine, depending on the depth, access and location to the pipes.

For all our blocked sewer pipe repairs, we use unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) piping for extra strength and longevity.

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